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The D2G Tuition English programme is an English literacy course comprising grammar and reading. This includes lessons based on the development of comprehension, phonics, spelling, vocabulary growth, punctuation, syntax, English in practice, common mistakes, figurative language, and writing. Get best personalised online English tuition from UK’s most popular virtual tuition provider. Completely aligned with CBSE and ICSE curriculum.

It should be noted that this programme does not focus on English Literature (i.e. the reading and study of prose like novels, plays and poetry).

Once they have undertaken this programme, your child will take away core skills to read and write English fluently.

Our English programme is suitable for all ages and abilities, with lessons carefully planned out to cater to students’ individual needs and interests, allowing them to revise what they already know and practice their skills in the comfort of their own home.

Some students have great abilities but feel self-conscious in the classroom, when reading aloud for example. Our course is designed to give students the space and privacy to hone their skills through instruction from our qualified and experienced tutors, according to the NCERT guidelines.

Our English programme covers written English in the form of:


  • Students will read, listen to, and interact with a variety of text types to test their understanding.


  • Like it or loathe it, punctuation is vital to making oneself understood. In our course, students will learn about all aspects of punctuation from full stops to the dreaded apostrophe!


  • D2G Tuition will provide your child with useful ways of brushing up on spellings. From spelling lists to recognising short and long vowel sounds, from prefixes and suffixes to plurals, they’ll feel confident in no time.


  • Your child will grow their vocabulary through using new words. They will also learn to identify and use figurative language.


  • Your child will learn how to identify and use different parts of speech. From nouns, verbs, and adjectives, to more complex aspects like pronouns and gerunds.


  • These lessons provide an ‘across the board’ understanding of English language in everyday usage. The lessons include rules about tenses and adjectives plus will help to eliminate common errors in spelling and punctuation.